Beat Bugs Action Figures – The Fab Five

Beat Bugs Fab Five
Photo-A-Day #4523

We received some Beat Bugs action figures from Blip Toys and Hijinx toys for free to play with and review. Opinions of the toys are 100% our own.

The kids and I enjoy Beat Bugs. I’m even part of the Beat Bugs Dream Team and I promote all sorts of things that have to do with the show. I even posted a review of some of the other toys, the ones that interact with the TV show. Beat Bugs Interactive Toys are pretty sweet. The basic action figures are really cute. They look just like the characters in the show and even have a few points of articulation. Their heads move and so do their arms. Some of the characters move at the waist. The nice thing about each of these action figures is that they stand on their own. You can see more about each of the Beat Bugs fab five figures at the Hijinx website. You can see more about what we thing of the toys in the video below.

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Google WiFi and Home Setup

My Little Goofball
Photo-A-Day #4522

This is what Andrew decided to wear today. We decided that he wanted to be a weirdo goofball today, those were his words. We went off to Best Buy today to pick up Google WiFi. I’ve wanted to get this for a while to expand the WiFi coverage around the house. I had a gift card from some of the Best Buy posts I have done recently and it was the thing that I need to get better coverage in the office upstairs.

I also connected our Google Home today. This device was something that I bought a while ago and hadn’t set up. I figured that since I was setting everything else up today I’d do that one too. The kids are loving it because it will play whatever music they’d like to hear just by asking. They are nuts.

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Force Friday II Is This Friday!

Force Friday II

STAR WARS: The Last Jedi is arriving in theaters this December but the excitement kicks off this Friday with Force Friday II. Force Friday is the day when new Star Wars toys are released. Two years ago before The Force Awakens I was part of campaign to promote the movie and Force Friday. It was an awesome campaign. However, this year, nothing for me except me except for a Press Release about the day and something new with Augmented Reality. This year you can use your mobile phones to reveal a new Star Wars Character and in various locations around the world you can use the Star Wars app to turn major landmarks into something Star Wars related. Also, many places are doing something special all around. You can see what is happening by going to

In Massachusetts you can go to the Burlington Mall and at the Disney Store there you can get all the new toys plus activities, giveaway and a special Find the Force augmented reality treasure hunt where you can unlock characters with the Star Wars app. More info below. Continue reading Force Friday II Is This Friday!

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Fun Cleanup with Mr. Dusty a Real Workin’ Buddy from Jakks Pacific

Photo-A-Day #4521

Jakks Pacific sent me a big box of very cool stuff to review. Inside was a Real Workin’ Buddy, Mr. Dusty (Amazon Link). We received this for free to play with and review. Opinions are 100% our own. Mr. Dusty is a chatty garbage truck that you can use to sweep up the toys that you have in your room like LEGO bricks, Hot Wheels cars and more. It makes cleanup time more fun. To sweep up your toys they have to be small and fit under Dusty’s mustache grill. You just push Dusty along so that the sweeper arm spins and sweeps toys into the back of the truck. If you come across a toy that does not fit under the mustache then you can push a button and Dusty will lift up his head and “eat” the toys and pull them in so that you can continue to move forward and sweep that larger toy into the back of the truck. You can also drop items into the exhaust pipe and they will be deposited into the back of the truck. You can see how it works in the video below.

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Review: Cinemood Family Projector


We received a Cinemood Family Projector for free to play with and review. Opinions are 100% our own.

I took the Cinemood out of the package and tested all the features. I was really impressed with how easy it was to use this device. I was able to connect it to our wifi and began to play different content on our walls, and ceilings. The Cinemood has a ton of content. There are over 100 hours of curated content for kids. From stories to cartoons to books and audio stories, there is a ton of great things built right into the device. That isn’t even the end of it, too. With the Cinemood app you can connect your own content to use with the Cinemood. You can stream content and you can also connect a flash drive to the Cinemood to show content.

There are also cute Cinemood covers that unlock even more content. We received a Om Nom Nom Magic Smart cover that gives us even more content. Using NFC technology the Cinemood knows which of the Smart Covers is attached and then downloads the additional content.

I showed Eva how to use it and she took it with her to her cousin’s house on a sleepover. She came home totally in love with the Cinemood because it was so much fun to use during the sleepover. She brought along her iPad and with it she could stream her favorite episodes of Nerdy Nummies.

The Cinemood allows you to watch your favorites on 150 inch screen. That is the largest size that you can make and have it still look incredible. You can also make the picture smaller. The device boasts stats like having wifi, bluetooth, a 5 hour battery life, fanless cooling and a 32GB internal memory. It is totally portable and light. It is easy to hold onto and use to project whatever you’d like. The Cinemood also has internal speakers and plays everything that you have to give it.

You can learn more about the Cinemood –

the Cinemood retails for $399 and can be purchased through my Link – and you can see our review below.

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