Andrew’s First Day of Kindergarten

Andrews First Day of School
Photo-A-Day #4528

Today was the day. Today was the day that Andrew wold start Kindergarten at the same school as Allison and Eva. The three of them would now ride to school together and come home together each day. That would leave me all by my lonesome for the week.

Was i sad today? No, not really. I don’t think it will hit me for a while that my little buddy is not around with me every day. Eva dropping him off wasn’t tearful. I walked him up to his class, to a point. He wriggled out of my hand, as he does, and tore off towards his friends. He tripped over his nice new fancy shoes and fell. He scraped up his knee but popped back up and was off and running to his friends. He has four friends from his old school and I am sure he will make many more. He’s such a affable child. He makes friends easily and loves playing. He’s the kind of kid who just goes for it in whatever he does. He also never stops talking so his teacher will have her hands full with him. But he is inquisitive and kind. He will have a great year.

As for me, I have a to do list a mile long and when I reach that mile I will have to reflect on both kids at school and my little sidekick not being with me all the time.

I took a ton of photos and put them into this Flickr album of Andrew’s First day of Kindergarten