Activision Sent Me A HUGE BOX Today!

Destiny 2 Special Edition
Photo-A-Day #4529

I’m kinda thinking that I should have titled it “Activision Trolled Me Hard”. I was actually writing a post about the launch of Destiny 2 today and Fed Ex pulled up. I knew that I was getting a copy of the game for the Xbox One. You can imagine my stupefied look when I got this 20lb box from Activision. I brought it in and opened it just enough to see the cover and it said XBox One! It was the perfect shape and size for the XBox One S console. I thought that it was the gaming system, and it would just have a copy of Destiny 2 inside. So, I was super excited. I don’t have an XBox One S, and so I was even more excited. I figured that I would do a live unboxing, set up the game and do some live gaming on YouTube.

Well, I worked on a project and at 2pm I went to do a livestream. I have OBS on my computer and am looking to do more livestreams, however, it didn’t work for me. So, I ran upstairs and got my tripod. I set it up and started the livestream. Check it out below.

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Destiny 2 is Available now!!


A couple of weeks ago I was given access to the Destiny 2 Beta. Wow, what a crazy game. I am not one for first person shooter type games and haven’t played them in a while. However, Destiny 2 was pretty dang amazing. The graphics were incredible and the game was a lot of fun. I’m actually going to be receiving a copy of the game for the Xbox One on launch day. I haven’t played it enough to really give a full on in depth review of the game. I played it for a couple of hours before I had to stop. I’m not used to the whole first person shooter thing and got a little dizzy. But, while I did play I had a good time up until I had no clue where to go. I am getting old in the gaming world. Luckily there are already tons of people out there making great videos of the game and they can help you though the hard parts. It is launch day so why don’t you check out this fantastic live-action video. The two-minute live-action spot, “New Legends Will Rise,” depicts Destiny 2’s heroic character, Cayde-6, as he rallies three Guardians into a battle to defend Earth against the invading Red Legion. The spot is directed by Kong: Skull Island Director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts, and set to ‘Sabotage’ by Beastie Boys. Cayde-6 is voice by none other than Nathan Fillion and he plays it to his playful best.

You can pick up the game today. Fans of this genre of gaming will really love it. I’ve never seen so many crazy weapons and cool characters. So choose your Guardian and get into the fight! Here is the Official Trailer of the game and below is an official launch press release with so much great information for you. Take a look.

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