Here’s Johnny – Friday Special from Snappy Dogs

The heres johnny
Photo-A-Day #4538

It has been a tough week. Allison’s grandfather passed away earlier in the week and today was the wake. It was up in Fitchburg at night and so I had to take a night off of work. The funeral will be tomorrow first thing in the morning in Leominster and so Allison’s parent’s got us a hotel room up that way.

On the way up to the hotel we went by one of our favorite hot dog places, Snappy Dogs and so we stopped for lunch. Today they were having a Friday special called the Here’s Johnny. The photo for today is one of Allison’s hot dog. She got the full special. I opted not to have the apple, pear and cranberry chutney on mine. Allison loved it that way, though. The ladies at Snappy Dogs do know how to make amazing gourmet hot dogs. The dog also had chunks of sharp white cheddar cheese, thick cut smoked bacon from The Butcher on Ash (Arena’s) and Caramelized onions. That is the way that I had mine and it was fantastic! We needed a little distraction before the next couple of days.

With the Snappy Dogs Ladies

Of course we had to make sure that we got a photo with the wonderful ladies at the trailer.

Get Your Flex On with Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters on Netflix #StreamTeam

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters

If you are old enough then you may remember the toy Stretch Armstrong. This was a toy that you could stretch out over and over and he would snap back into shape. He looked like a bodybuilder, like an old time one. Well, the times have changed and Stretch is back, younger, stretchier and a superhero now with a team called The Flex Fighters. Soon, this team will be all over Netflix. I’m sure there are new toys on the way as this is a show produced by Hasbro Studios. I had heard that it was going to be a movie and I am very glad that it is going to be a cartoon. The voice cast is phenomenal and I am looking forward to checking out this series once it arrives. I may even get to see it sooner because of the Netflix #StreamTeam. Check out this very short teaser trailer.

And here is the full press release on the show. Continue reading Get Your Flex On with Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters on Netflix #StreamTeam