She has a Goal in her Head and on Her Arm

Her Time
Photo-A-Day #4550

It was a hot and sticky day today. The air felt like opening a dishwasher after it had just completed its cycle. that updraft of hot gross air thick enough to chew. Well, that was what it felt like to me. I do not do well with humidity. It is my least favorite thing in the weather department. Give me freezing cold temps any day. I can always warm up to comfortable. I can never get cool enough.

Well, the weather did not dampen the spirits of our little runner. Eva was all smiles as she showed up to her cross country meet. She had the time 10:10 written on her arm. This number is the goal that she was to strive for in today’s meet. Her previous race she came in at 10:17 and was trying to shave off seven seconds. She started strong and when she came by us in the stands she was running with a nice stride and a big wide smile on her face. She was having a good time. You would not have seen a smile on my face at a half mile. I am not a runner, never have been. Eva is starting on that path to running. She should start now and keep it going, it can only benefit her throughout life. I know how introspective she is and getting out there and running will help her work out those things that she has on her mind.

while she did not beat her previous time she kept going and did a great job, never stopped smiling. That is a win in my book