Play Bonk, Just Not Before Bed

Photo-A-Day #4555

We received a copy of Bonk from the makers of Klask. they liked what we did with that first game and wanted us to check out this new one. Opinions are our own.

Last night Andrew wanted to play a game before bed. He wanted to play Candyland and I just wasn’t up for doing that at all. I have been looking for some time together to play a new game called Bonk. This is a wooden game with the main objective to knock a single wooden ball with multiple steel balls rolled down chutes into your opponent’s goal. It is pretty straightforward and can get frantically fun. The wooden ball starts in the middle of the game board. In all four corners there are wooden chutes that can be moved from side to side in order to aim the steel balls at the wooden ball. Each player starts with three steel balls that they can use to hit the wooden ball into the goal of the opposing team or if they are quick enough or skilled enough they can prevent the wooden ball from falling to their goal. Each time a player gets a point the game resets. The wooden ball goes back into the middle and players share a simultaneous group High five and play starts again. I suspect that the high five is meant to give everyone a fighting chance at the game. It resets the players and the action and at the same time it makes it a fair start to the round. Once the high five happens play resumes and it is crazy.

We played tonight right before the kids went to bed and they got so riled up at how fast and silly the gameplay is. Something so incredibly simple had them in giggle fits. You can pick the game up at Target exclusively and it is a fun one for family get-togethers and parties and more. A great way for everyone to “slow down” and play something unplugged. Expect to get excited when you play, though. Here is a video that better explains the gameplay.