Mad Moves Brings the Party to Your House

Mad Moves
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In a week from now we’ll be hosting some kids for Eva’s birthday party. 10 ten year old, or close to that, girls. while the party is themed around Harry Potter I think that we can spend a little time getting the kids moving and grooving with a new game called Mad Moves. It is an utterly simple game that will challenge your kids and their friends to think outside the box and dance their hearts out. Think of it as a cross between mad libs, dancing with the stars and charades. We were sent a copy of this game to check out and promote the Mad Moves Kickstarter campaign. Opinions expressed are our own.

Mad moves is simple. Each person spins the wheel of dance styles. The wheel will land on a color for a category of person, action or animal. From there the player will act out their dance move and the people playing have to guess what is on the card. the first person to guess wins the card. There are even more cards like tomato cards, which you do not want. There are dance battles where you have to go move for move with another player and there is also a Freeze Dance where you strike a pose and everyone has to mimic you and the last person to do so gets a tomato card. Here is a quick breakdown of how this game works.

Mad Moves how it works

We played this as a family and the results were hilarious. Here is some of that introduction to the game for everyone.

This Sunday on episode two of Season Two of ABC’s The Toy Box MAD MOVES will be featured. So tune in to see how it does. In the meantime you can secure your own copy of the game by backing their Kickstarter campaign and seeing that this game gets made. More information about Mad Moves can be found below.

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