Stand with Voltron Legendary Defender

Photo-A-Day #4566

Voltron: Legendary Defender has returned with another “mini” season. It is Season 4 and now the paladins are recruiting more people to fight against the Galra Empire. There are six new action packed episodes. In them we see conflict within the Voltron Team, changing rosters and a hunt for Prince Lotor. That is all within the first episode! I cannot wait to watch all the episodes with the kids.

Netflix sent me these great cards that are mini posters in support of the Voltron Coalition as part of the Netflix StreamTeam. I figured that these would be something that would be posted on fences and walls so I brought them outside for a little photo shoot. It went real well with my die-cast Voltron. Check out the trailer and then go watch the new season.

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Choose Sides in the Latest Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer

This always happens. I’m on a great press trip for Disney and while I am there working on an upcoming movie and busy and having fun something HUGE drops from Disney. This time iwt was the Star Wars The Last Jedi trailer and last year it was the Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer. I see it while I am on the trip and then I am thrust back into all the cool things I am doing on the trip, more of which you will see in other posts. And so I cannot share this great news with you in the moment. I’m back home now and laying a fair amount of catch up. I am days behind in posting my photos a day photos. In the past I would stay up ti all hours of the night writing my daily recaps, Man I just cant do that anymore. So you get the news a little later but hey, it gives you a chance to see the trailer again and talk about it. Here is the new trailer for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI. Oh ad tickets have gone on sale. My friend, Brian, from Built from Bricks bought me a ticket for December 15th. We are hitting the movie that morning.

This is going to be a pretty amazing movie. I am looking forward to see where the story goes and if anyone goes over to the dark side. It certainly has that sort of vibe to it. It is the second movie in the trilogy and therefore it is going to be the darker of the three. Betrayal, loss of hope and fear. There is much that is coming. Here are some of my questions. Continue reading Choose Sides in the Latest Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer