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Tonight Allison and I went to see Thor:Ragnarok. This completes my almost non-stop talking about the thor movie ever since I went out to L.A. to see the premiere of the movie. I enjoyed seeing the movie for a second time. I think I was so spoiled by seeing the movie at the premiere. The excitement and the cool vibe of the movie was hard to recapture in out theater. No laughter and cheering from the crowd. People just watched. I laughed a couple of times at some jokes that I hadn’t caught the first time around. Allison enjoyed the movie but said that she could have waited for the DVD. I can understand that. I had such excitement because of the event but then seeing the movie outside of that event was really different. I enjoyed it and Korg was great but I loved him so much more last time. This has been a great experience and Thor: Ragnarok will always be one of my favorite Marvel movies.

Getting to Know Thor: Ragnarok’s Topaz, Rachel House at the #ThorRagnarokEvent

Thor Ragnarok Bloggers with Rachel House
Thor Ragnarok Bloggers with Rachel House “Topaz”
Photo Credit Marshall Weinbaum
On October 9 – 11 I attended a Disney Press Event for THOR: RAGNAROK. My hotel and airfare and meals were taken care of while I was in L.A. Opinions and observations as well as recaps and such are all my own. This post will also contain some affiliate links to

Rachel House was actually our very first interview on our Thor: Ragnarok press junket day. She plays the character of “Topaz”, Grandmaster’s right hand enforcer. She has a hilarious deadpan delivery that plays well off Jeff’ Goldblum’s Grandmaster and his eccentricity.

Rachel House - Topaz Enters Room
Rachel House “Topaz” Enters the Interview Room with The #ThorRagnarokEvent Bloggers
Photo Credit: Allison Waken /

I was able to ask the first question. I asked, “how hard was it to keep a straight face with all those deadpan moments?” Rachel said, “I’m pretty used used to keeping a straight face, ’cause I’ve done a lot of Taika‚Äôs films, and it’s always like that. But some of the other actors weren’t so good at it. They were losing it, especially Jeff Goldblum, ’cause he was so funny. That’s not even half of it, what you see. It’s not even a quarter of the improvisation and stuff that we were doing. Jeff was just so masterful at improvisation.

Rachel House Topaz - Jeff Goldblum Grandmaster - Tessa Thompson -  Valkyrie
Rachel House “Topaz” – Jeff Goldblum “Grandmaster” – Tessa Thompson “Valkyrie”
Photo Credit: @MarvelStudios
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