Party Like 1818

Our Old Man
Photo-A-Day #4646

We had a wonderful New Year’s Eve today. I had the night off from work so I could be home to celebrate. Allison told me that our good friends, the Prestons had invited us over for a some drinks and appetizers. Allison made the Fried Pickle Egg Rolls for an appetizer and they were spectacular! We found the recipe online and I was going to make them but I ended up sleeping the entire day away because of work the night before. They are pickles that have had the middles scooped out and then filled with cream cheese, shredded cheese and bacon! So good!

Our time with the PRestons was wonderful. They are always such gracious hosts and we have a lot of fun with them. The kids adore their girls and this time there were even more kids to play with. Another couple was there with their 4 kids. So, all 8 of the children played together. Sure, there were some events but for the most part everyone got along really well. They even played together on some instruments and had a little music jam along with Aaron on his guitar. It was a great way to welcome in the New Year.

Andrew chose his outfit. Then I saw the wood stove and I had to get him to pose there. He looks like he’s about to work at his dad’s general store.

Two Degrees

2 Degrees
Photo-A-Day #4645

I got out of work this morning and the weather hurt my face. I live in a place where the weather hurts my face. I had also come off a twelve hour overnight shift… so this is the face I make when it is hurt by the weather and I have to warm up my car and stay longer. Tomorrow morning I warm it up earlier.