Review – LightSeekers Boulder the Everok and Zyrus the Noxin

LightSeekers Boulder and Zyrus
Photo-A-Day #4615

Play Fusion and TOMY sent me a couple of the new LightSeekers Smart Figures for free to play with and review. They also sent me two of their smart weapons, the Molten Blade and Leeching Scimitar. Opinions are 100% my own. I have affiliate links so that you can purchase these characters for yourself.LightSeekers is an incredible game that has so many facets. It is a video game app, it is a series of smart action figures and smart weapons, and it is also a collectible card game. Oh, and the cards are all augmented reality cards that can be scanned into the app to help your heroes. So much is packed into this incredible game.

The two figures that were sent to me were Boulder the Everok and Zyrus the Noxin. Boulder is aligned with Mountain and Noxin with Dread. I think that Boulder is one of my favorite figures for this game. He’s massive and made out of rock. I like the lighted elements to the character, too. His voice is pretty cool, too. Zyrus is intimidating with his armor and his voice as well. Although I think it is hilarious that he keeps saying, “Stop trying to make me dance!” You can see more of each of the figures in the video below.

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