The Wait for THE LAST JEDI is Over

The Last Jedi Viewing
Photo-A-Day #4629

Today I met Brian with Built from Bricks over at the movie theater. He bought tickets on the day that they came out. I was lucky that he bought me one, too. He got the first two tickets for the theater and we were the only people in the theater for weeks leading up to the movie. Then this morning he said that it was sold out. That is a good thing since I wanted to see it with a crowd and feel the energy of the moviegoers. I know that I can never, ever recreate the incredible excitement of seeing Thor Ragnarok with the cast and creators. That was incredible. But I wanted to get an excited audience and feel that energy.

While the movie was really good, I enjoyed it a lot. I look forward to seeing it again with Eva. Eva and I talked about the movie all the way to Dance rehearsal tonight. I don’t want to give anything away about the movie but I will give you some of my thoughts after you check out this new featurette.

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