Breakfast with Santa and Trimming the Tree

The Kids and Santa
Photo-A-Day #4631

I’m finding that as the kids get older and more busy it is harder to keep doing all of the traditional things that we’ve done for years for Christmas. We are still trying to get everything in as best we can. Last Sunday we got the tree and this Sunday we finally got to decorate it. There just hasn’t been time for everyone to be at home at the same time during the week. Monday and Wednesday are days when the kids don’t have something, but Allison has knitting on Wednesdays. I have filming for Built from Bricks on Thursdays. Our weeks are busy and Tuesdays are Karate and Dance. Lots of things for us to do.

Despite having so many things to do we still got some things done today including breakfast with Santa. We went to KC’s Classic Burger Bar. when we got there it was busy but we were seated immediately. Santa was making the rounds and so was Olaf. The staff was dressed as elves and there was a limited menu but plenty of choices. The prices for breakfast were actually much lower than I expected. I got the Chicken and Waffles with Sausage gravy and spicy maple syrup. It was really good. The kids had fun hugging Santa and Olaf. Andrew was a bit off the wall. He was so very excited and most likely over-tired from all the activities. I know that I have been because of all the activities that have been happening on the weekends, especially this one. However, I wouldn’t want to miss out on these moments with the kids. Continue reading Breakfast with Santa and Trimming the Tree

Trollhunters has Returned for Part 2 on Netflix #StreamTeam

Trolhunters Part 2

I recently watched Part 2 of Trollhunters, or rather Season 2 on Netflix. It came out on Friday with 13 new episodes and the story of Jim Lake Jr., Clare and Tobias continues to grow. At the end of the first season Jim travels to the Darklands to find Clare’s brother, Enrique. He did this by himself, shutting himself away from his friends. While he has been gone they have been taking on Trollhunter duties and also covering for Jim. They are trying to keep up appearances until Jim returns.

The Darklands are quite dangerous enough but to make things worse an exiled Troll named Gunmar resides there. His only goal is to return to Arcadia and conquer the Earth with his troll henchmen. You can get an idea of what is coming with Season two in the Trailer here.

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