Second Snow Day of the Year

Snow Playing
Photo-A-Day #4651

today was a seond snow day for the kids and Allison. Everyone was home once again and the snow was piled all over. We got up and played a couple of games to start the day but then I figured it was time to sort out my tshirts and so I got started doing that. The kids decided that was the perfect time to go outside and play. I ended up not sorting the tshirts then but instead headed outside to play with the kids. They had found all the snow that I mounded up near the side yard gate and were pretending that it was a mountain. The photo today was of them being silly.

I had gotten outside right at the moment when they were going to come in so I watched them play a bit and then went to take care of the rest of the snow. I had to get the cars out and clear off the driveway. I had done a few passes last night but couldn’t do the whole thing so today I moved both cars out of the driveway and into my neighbor’s so that I could do our driveway properly. I was out there for a couple of hours cleaning up both our place and our neighbors plus fixing the sidewalks because plows tend to just plow them over. Continue reading Second Snow Day of the Year