Happy Birthday Allison 2018

Allisons birthday
Photo-A-Day #4656

Today was Allison’s birthday. We went out to Park Street Ale House and Eatery. It is in the center of town and we have never been there. Allison saw at great pretzel for an appetizer and that hooked us in. They had a great selection of beers there, too. Allison tried a small flight and liked two out of the four of them. I tried one and it was terrible. It had way too many smells and flavors and the aftertaste was as if someone wrung out a Strawberry Shortcake doll.

The kid were enjoying the place, too. Andrew and Eva are so polite. They also loved the placemats, they had some of the best coloring pages we’ve ever seen.

I took the photo of Allison and posted it to Facebook while we were eating and when we got our desserts we got a big surprise. Our good friends, the Prestons arrived to have dinner, too. they saw the post and took a chance that we were still there. Andrew was so thrilled to see the girls. He dive tackle-hugged them from a running start. Too many times for my liking but he loves them and they are tickled by his antics. It was great to see them and it was a fun capper to our night out.