Modibot and BriXleev Challenge on Built from Bricks

Modibot Challenge
Photo-A-Day #4657

Tonight I went over to Brian’s house for Built from Bricks. We had a great live show playing with Modibots and the new BriXleev pieces. My friend Wayne created Modibot and he is constantly creating more parts and pieces for Modibot. I’m really impressed with what he can make on 3D printers. BriXleev parts connect to the Modibot figure and allow the user to add LEGO or other brick pieces to create all sorts of new things. Brian points out that Modibot is really poseable and can be used as an exoskeleton for making mechs.

My Modibot is the one on the left with the wings. Brian’s is the one that looks like a puppy head. He whipped that one up during the show. I had experimented with a few things before the show. You can see everything in the video below.

How Huel is Helping Me

huel photoHuel has provided me with two packages of their vanilla Huel for free to use and review. Opinions of the product are my own.

I had been seeing ads on Facebook for this stuff called Huel. I normally don’t click on facebook ads but this one spoke to me. As you know I work weekend overnights and because of that I have my weeks free. LAst year I was taking care of Andrew every day and so we had a set time for lunch and we made lunches together and had lunch. Now, everyone is at school and I’m home or out. When I am out I usually eat out and had been doing a heck of a lot of it. I am not interested in cold cuts and sandwiches at home I was getting burgers and pizza and all those things that sound and taste good to me. However, all this is not good for me.

Up until now, the only thing that has been keeping me from being a complete wreck health-wise is that I work out consistently at Koko Fit Club. Even though I work out a lot I am still having trouble and that has to do with my eating habits. I’ve found that given the choice I am going to pick that thing that tastes great but isn’t so good for me. Compound that with eating that way day in and day out and I’ve got trouble.

However, with Huel I have a complete nutritional meal that I can make quickly and easily. It also helps that I like the taste. And even though I was a big water drinker anyway, Huel has made me into and even bigger one. I always refill my Huel shaker with water after I have had my morning and afternoon Huel. I am not a nutritionist, I can’t tell you if this is the best thing for you, I can point you toward more Huel information and you can make your own decision. I do know, that for me, Huel has helped. I am not going out every day for my meals. I don’t get hungry and crave lots of other things with Huel. I still have a regular dinner each night, and you know me, I eat out on many occasions. But I’ve cut way down on that and it is because I am having Huel. I’ve even taking it to work to prevent my second dinner on weekend overnights. Continue reading How Huel is Helping Me