A Day at Great Wolf Lodge with the Clubhouse Crew

With the Clubhouse Crew
Photo-A-Day #4661

On our full day at Great Wolf Lodge we started off slowly by hanging around the room and doing some coloring and having breakfast. Then we headed downstairs to do a few of the things that did not involve water. The kids wanted to get their Clubhouse Crew characters and also do MagiQuest. We went to the store where the stuffed animals are made and Eva got Brinley the bear and Andrew got Sammy the Squirrel. Then Eva wanted to go right to MagiQuest so she and Allison did that. Andrew and I did the Clubhouse crew adventure. This is a simple adventure where you take the stuffed animal and go station to station on a little adventure. Through the activity you meet the entire ClubHouse Crew and you also get familiar with the places downstairs at the lodge.

We completed that adventure and then did more MagiQuest. Eva became a Master Magi and got a special ceremony to get her badge. Allison went back up tot he room and I took Andrew through to get his Master Magi badge as well. He didn’t want the ceremony, tough. And then it was time for lunch up in the room and time to change for the water park. Continue reading A Day at Great Wolf Lodge with the Clubhouse Crew