Rev Those Engines

Rev those engines
Photo-A-Day #4671

I am trying really hard not to buy anything. The past couple of days I’d been cleaning up around my office. I have a ton of toys that I have wanted review on video. I haven’t been motivated to make videos either. I have footage from Great Wolf Lodge and yet, still haven’t done anything with the video. I sit down to do work and then go and do a bunch of tidying up around the house. Now my office is pretty clean looking but I still am not making videos like I should be. I had better get back into the groove before we head to Disney next month.

But as far as not buying things, Hot Wheels don’t count, do they? I saw the Fast and Furious one and then the other one which was cool called Dune-A-Soar. They were only a dollar each so… I will be starting a series of Hot wheels opening videos for the Star Wars and Marvel cars I have.