Prepping for Disney Pin Trading at #DisneySMMC

Pin collection
Photo-A-Day #4674

In 2010 I had a pretty decent collection of Disney Pins. I’ve always liked die cast enamel pins. When I went to Florida for my first trip as a kid I went to a flea market and bought a whole bunch of pins. I remember getting a Bigfoot (The monster truck) pin and more and putting them all over a trucker hat. I have no idea where those ended up. That is weird because I pretty much have everything from my childhood.

Cut back to 2005 when I started going back to Walt Disney World and this time with Allison by my side. I ran the Disney 1/2 Marathon and while there I started picking up some pins. By 2010 I had a good set of pins on a camp counselor hat that I work on our trips. On the way home from that trip I put that hat in an outside pocket of one of our bags and when we got home it was gone. It was stolen and I was devastated. I had picked out each pin purposefully and had some ones that were special to me. I had found characters on Motorcycles, other characters dressed as pirates and even more. They were all stolen. I detail it all in my 2000th photo-a-day post.

I haven’t tried to rebuild that collection but I did pick up a few more pins for myself on other trips. The pins above were from other trips and a couple came from a large lot of pins that I just got for Eva and Andrew. In preparation for our upcoming trip I went to eBay and ordered a random lot of 50 pins for $22. The whole intention was for Eva and Andrew to divvy them up and put them on some lanyards that I also bought for them for the trip. Continue reading Prepping for Disney Pin Trading at #DisneySMMC