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Over four years ago I started seeing a bunch of people making video game videos on YouTube. I thought that I needed to become part of a multi-channel network in order to do so and I made a dumb decision. I joined one, for five years. Yeah, for five years this network was supposed to help me improve my YouTube channel but rather they only took a hefty cut of my earnings. Did they promote me in any way? No. Was there much help at all? Not really. I made a very dumb decision and I learned from that.

Recently YouTube took monetization away from many small time creators who did not have at least 4000 hours of view time and 1000 subscribers. And it was because of these changes that I was dropped from the multi-channel network despite qualifying to continue to be monetized by YouTube.

Well, that is GREAT news to me! I had been counting the days until I would be free from that network. Now I am and I’m starting to produce some more.

Thor: Ragnarok On Bluray/DVD Tomorrow


When I was at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration I received a digital download copy of Thor: Ragnarok. The digital version of the movie came out back on February 20th and tomorrow the Bluray and DVD copies will be available everywhere. There are so many extras on the Bluray from director commentary (which is totally worth it because Taika is fascinating) and a bunch of featurettes about the movie, character designs and more. Here is the trailer for the movie.


On the way back from Florida Eva and I watched Thor together. I wasn’t sure how she would react because we had tried a superhero movie before that I thought she would love but it turned out to be way too real and hard for her to watch. She’s a sensitive kid. She is also a kid who enjoys laughter and jokes. Thor has so many great jokes in it and I laughed each time that I have watched it. I also had the special experience of going to the red carpet premiere of the movie back in October of last year. While there I interviewed Karl Urban, Rachel House and director Taika Waititi. These were fantastic interviews and as I said before if the director commentary is anything as funny as our interview with Taika was then you are in for a real treat. It turned out that Eva really loved the movie. She laughed a bunch and talked a lot about it afterwards. I think it may be time to introduce her to the first 10 years of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in order. It certainly would have made her get all the jokes because out of all the movies so far this one had the most in-jokes of any of the movies that came before. Jokes like the one in the clip below where Loki sees Hulk for the first time and nearly pees himself, turns around and tries to flee saying, “I have to get off this planet.” Later in the sequence when Thor is whalloped into the ground over and over by Hulk and Loki jumps up and shouts, “See, that’s how it feels!” That had me rolling, but without seeing the very first Avengers movie you would not get that joke to the full extent. Here is the clip of Thor and Hulk reuniting.

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