National Cereal Day 2018

National Cereal Day 2018
Photo-A-Day #4711

Occasionally General Mills sends me boxes of cereal and fun stuff. They sent me a bunch of fun boxes of Lucky Charms for Saint Patrick’s Day and National Cereal Day. Opinions are 100% my own.

I spent some time playing with Instagram stories today to show everyone the fun Lucky Charms cereals that were sent to me by General Mills. It was fun! In the past couple months I was sent Lucky Charms that have a special Leprechaun trap that you can make from the box. This box only has light green and dark green clover marshmallows.

I also got the brand new Lucky Charms that have the new permanent marshmallow shape. the new shape is a Unicorn and it is pretty cool.

I got the idea to make a Lucky Charms brownie. I mixed the Lucky Charms with melted marshmallow and put that on the bottom of a glass pan. I then poured brownie mix on top of it. It did not come out as I expected. The next time I do something like this I will make the brownies first and then put the Lucky Charms mixture on top. The kids and Allison humored me and tried it. Continue reading National Cereal Day 2018