Scribblenauts Showdown is a Gigglefest of Frenetic Fun

Scribblenauts Showdown
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We were given the download code for the new Scribblenauts Showdown game for the Nintendo Switch for free so that we could play and review the game. Opinions are 100% my own. That being said it was an instant hit with the whole family.

I love finding games that the whole family can play easily. Scribblenauts showdown is that game for our family. It allows 4 player gaming (glad I got the additional joycons) or single player, 3 player or even 2 player. There are a lot of options for this game and we tried them all. First I played with Andrew and he spent most of the time giggling like a silly goose. It is also great that he is now reading more and able to do some rudimentary spelling.

Andrew French Canadian Character

Then I played with both kids and it was laughter all around. They loved playing the sandbox mode. This is where you can interact with different stages by creating objects from the 35,000 words in the Scribblenauts expansive dictionary. This also includes adding funny adjectives to the objects that you interact with. We were playing in the Sandbox in a cave stage and I created a Tankbuster jet to fly around and that is ridiculous to have in a cave. I also added an adjective to a fire to make it a raging fire and suddenly it was moving around and setting everyone on fire.

A Tankbuster in a cave

After Sandbox we played the Showdown mode and the three of us competed against each other with two joycons. It is a great way to play so many games. The kids loved the “Speedy” mini-games, which pit players to race against the clock to finish. Check out the kids playing Medieval Mayhem, one of the mini games where you brawl with each other using conjured items. One time we were flinging crepes at each other.

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Trolls: The Beat Goes On! Season 2 Drops on @Netflix Tomorrow!! #SteamTeam

Trolls The Beat Goes On

Tomorrow Season 2 of Trolls: The Beat Goes On! hits Netflix with 7 brand-new episodes. We loved the Trolls movie and then when Trolls: The Beat Goes On! started on Netflix we watched and laughed like crazy This is a funny lighthearted show that is full of colorful characters and music. So much music in fact that there is actually a soundtrack, a complete album that will be available on iTunes on March 16th, but you can pre-order it now!

Poppy, Branch and the Snack Pack live it up with all new glitter-rific festivities and adventures, like taking part in the Annual Party Games, battling in an epic village-wide pillow fight, and rapping in an open mic compliment battle. As they celebrate Troll Village with new critters and new songs, the party is just beginning. Check out the brand new trailer for season 2 below.

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