Letting Him Sleep

My Sleeping Buddy
Photo-A-Day #4713

Almost every morning Andrew wakes us up. It is very rare that he sleeps in. This morning he slept in and I was going to the gym early so I crept in and gave him a kiss before leaving. Fridays are tough because everyone is gone for the day and then I only see them when they come home from school. Sometimes that isn’t until closer to when I leave for work. So, some Fridays I barely see him. It is tough, especially when he is being so cute as he sleeps. Some days he can be really trying on my patience and I really have to work with being less annoyed.

Yesterday we recorded a bunch of videos and I got frustrated and raised me voice a few times. Today I was editing those videos and it was really tough listening to myself. I felt really awful about it. They want to do their own thing on the videos and I have a vision but I don’t express it as well as I should. Actually, on the last video of the day he didn’t want to help. I asked him if he didn’t want to do the video because I might yell at him and he said that it was the reason. I apologized to him and said that I would not do any yelling in the video.

I did not get around to editing that video but I did try harder to be patient with Andrew while we filmed. I know that he’s still learning how to work on camera and he doesn’t quite understand that if he continues to stand up and down he moves the table and then gets his head cut off and out of frame. I think I’ll show him how I edit so he can see what I’m trying to do. He’s a creative and kind-hearted kid but he is excitable and hard to work with occasionally. I have to remember to be more patient with him.

Andrew did get his chance to wake me up this afternoon. He snuck into my bedroom and came up into the bed so we could snuggle a bit. We read a book and cuddled. It melted my heart when he said that he just wanted to hug me forever. He’s the sweetest kid. I have to keep remembering that during those trying moments.