Pi Day at Piezoni’s

Pi Day at Piezonis
Photo-A-Day #4718

It was another snow day over here. Two days cooped up in the house was enough. We had fun, watched movies and did those things that you do on a snow day. Last night I had given up on snowblowing yet another time. This morning, however, I went out to find that my neighbor, Tim had shoveled out my driveway. It was totally clear except for the tops of the cars. I ran the snowblower around the sidewalks and next door one last time. The snow was done for the day and then it got nice and warm and the driveway melted down completely.

Eva had her acting class today and Andrew, a haircut. I picked up Eva and then we went to Andrew’s haircut. He did really well today. Then I took both kids out for pizza at Piezoni’s because it was Pi Day.