Late April Fools Joke from Mother Nature

Snow on the Cape House
Photo-A-Day #4737

We stayed on Cape Cod this weekend and on the day after April Fools Day we received a joke from Mother Nature herself. It snowed.

The sky opened up and huge fluffy clouds brought down giant flakes of snow. It piles up all over the house and yard but no the roadways. Although, the snow did make it quite slippery to drive. There was one point where I began to hydroplane at 60 MPH. I cut my speed big time until it was drier. We stopped off at McDonalds and when we were finished, so was the snow. We got home and there was snow on the ground but it wasn’t much and my car was covered but it melted off my later in the afternoon. I’m hoping that that was the last of the weather tricks this year. Let’s have Spring actually begin, shall we?

New Episodes of Ready Jet Go! Arrive on PBS Today!

Today begins a week of all new episodes of the exciting PBS Kids show, Ready Jet Go!. I was fortunate to meet the creators of this show at the PBS Annual Meeting a few years ago and fell in love with the show and also astronomer Dr. Amy Mainzer. She is an utter delight and such a role model for kids. I enjoy her live-action interstitials during the show. I really wish that Eva could meet her.

The new episodes will be available on PBS stations (check local listings) and the PBS KIDS 24/7 channel and live stream. The episodes will also be available for free on and the PBS KIDS Video App. You can read all about the new episodes below. Continue reading New Episodes of Ready Jet Go! Arrive on PBS Today!