Kids Love to Recolor

Kids love to Recolor
Photo-A-Day #4749

One of the apps that the kids love using every time they are on their tablets is the Recolor app. They have made all sorts of images with the app. Some of the images are quite complex and then when they show me their finished product I am so impressed by what they have done. The color selections alone are very impressive. Eva showed me how they can take a color wheel and fine tune the exact color that they want to use.

There are some pay aspects to the app, like specific colors and more things to color but for the most part they can enjoy the app without all the extra bells and whistles.

Incredibles 2 Trailer and Poster

The Incredibles II Poster

I just watched the new Incredibles 2 trailer and it was pretty great. I had seen some of the footage at Disney Social Media Moms Celebration but not in this way. The movie picks up right after the last one ended. This time the story revolves around Elastigirl being tasked with taking up the cause to bring Supers back from being outlawed.

There are some great moments in the trailer specially when Bob Parr is working with Dash on his Math homework. When I think of how the new math is done I can get as frustrated as Bob does. I hope that he quickly learns and masters how to be a great stay at home dad without too many bumbling moments. As a dad, we don’t need that sort of comic relief.

More about the movie below. Continue reading Incredibles 2 Trailer and Poster