Mother’s Day 2018

Mothers Day with Allison and the kids

We had a nice Mother’s Day today. Allison picked up some pork chops and I grilled them up for the family. She made roasted potatoes and also some zucchini. It was a nice meal and the kids raved about it. I was up early from sleeping for work and we gave Allison her gifts. A journal for she and Eva as well as some funny socks. Eva made her earrings and Andrew made her a bunch of cards and more. It was some very cute sentiments that made both of us tear up a bit.

The kids were also all dressed up today because they were filming a movie. Eva has had the idea that she is using iMovie to make a movie of she and Andrew. They didn’t get a chance to film today but had a nice day none the less.

Black Panther Blu-ray Viewing Party

With the kids celebrating the Black Panther Blu-ray

Black Panther is being released on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday but you can watch in on Digital right now. We were fortunate enough to receive a copy of the movie ahead of time as well as a viewing party pack complete with popcorn, plates, a blanket and also some bingo cards and bingo chips to play Black Panther Bingo. We received those items for free and opinions are our own.

for our movie night we decided to make some Black Panther Kinetic Crunch. It is a variation of Muddy Buddies but with Popcorn and some Black Panther colors for drizzle. I’ll put the recipe below.

Eva and Andrew making Black Panther Kinetic Crunch

I have tons of Black Panther movie information below including items to download and also lots of featurettes, movie facts and trivia.

Black Panther Bingo
Download and print these Bingo cards out so you can play along with the movie.

Black Panther Bingo Cards

Black Panther Viewing Party Stuff

I thought the movie was phenomenal. There were so many great characters that we met in this movie and Chadwick Boseman did an amazing job as T’Challa. The world of Wakanda was brought to life in an incredible way, too. I loved seeing how technologically advanced the society was and how they still held to their traditions. You saw how T’Challa struggled to be a super hero and also a king to his people.


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