Dylan Turns 5

Dylan Turns 5

We went down to the Cape to celebrate Father’s Day and mt nephew Dylan’s fifth birthday. I took the day off so that I could head down with the family. It was a small party and it was just our kids and my niece and nephew. I think that worked out nicely because the kids had water balloons and a little pool to play in together. I had also brought along some Water Shields. Those were something that I picked up at Toys R Us and those let the kids defend themselves from Water balloons and also carry around extra water balloons.

The Kids Loving Their Water Fun

The kids had a great time with their cousins. It was a nice party and they even had a pinata which the kids tore up.

Review: mPie is a Fun STEM Kit from Microduino

Andrew and the Mpie Ambulance

We received a copy of the mPie set from Microduino to play with and review. We did not keep this toy when we were finished with our review. Opinions are 100% our own.

I’m always looking for fun STEM projects to do with the kids. When I find those that can also incorporate LEGO and other building bricks then I am even more excited. I was offered the opportunity to review the mPie kit from Microduino. Here is the official description of the product.

mPie: A good transition kit that moves from the basics of circuitry and hardware components of its predecessor mPuzzle, to initial concepts of coding. Using mPie’s components, children will discover ‘hardware coding’ which helps visualize the logical order of things in a physical way. The mPie lessons link concepts between physical and virtual. The projects in mPie increase in their complexity to form the basis that the sequence of things is vital and when not successfully ordered leads to the start of problem identification and solving. 7+, $99 Continue reading Review: mPie is a Fun STEM Kit from Microduino