30 Years of minifigures

Box of Minifigs

One of my favorite toys growing up was LEGO. I received my first ever set when I was 5 years old. That is just one year after the Minifigure was introduced. The LEGO minifigure turned 30 yesterday but a celebration is happening for the next month which includes a special contest. If you visit gominimango.com you can learn all about the minifigure history, watch minifigure movies, buy exclusive items in the minifigure store and also download resources for your own minifigure movie.

The contest that is going on is happening with Gizmodo. You make a 20-30 second minimum movie about the minifigure or starring the minifigure. You could recreate a famous scene, or make something totally unique. The possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. Making a stop motion movie with your child might be a fantastic activity that the two of you can share together. I have to wait a bit before Eva is ready to play with LEGO, but I have a bunch of sets in my closet that are all ready to go when she is old enough.

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