3rd Anniversary

3rd Anniversary
Photo-A-Day #1314

I took this with my xshot, I guess I should have taken it before we ate, but the food was so good I took it afterward.

Today Allison and I celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. Three great years. Tonight Allison and I went to Fortune House for an Anniversary Dinner. We love going there because the food is consistently good and the people there are fantastic. They were so nice with Eva and came by to talk with her again and again. Eva was wonderful and she tried many of the items from our plates. She did well with the pieces of chicken from the chicken fingers but wasn’t so good with the boneless spare ribs (a little too tough for her tiny chompers). She did enjoy the red bean ice cream though, always a favorite after dinner treat, that and Green Tea ice cream.

Well, three years have certainly flown on by. Looking back at our wedding day and through or wedding album (which we still haven’t made into a physical one) I can’t believe how far we’ve come in so short a time. A wonderful journey so far. Looking forward to many more years ahead.
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  1. Congrats no need to take post of shot of your food I think you have grown out of that phase.

    my A wants to know where his crispy walnut chicken is?

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