5 Christmas gifts for Gadget lovers…

I am a little late in posting this for this Christmas and many of the things I am going to recommend are probably sold out. However I see top 10 lists all over that list things that I wouldn’t buy so here are 5 gadgets that I could buy. Five because time is running out.

5. – An iPod 80GB classic. You don’t need the 160GB version unless you are going to have a bunch of movies stored on it, however with movies now being released with a digital version this may become more commonplace. Okay go for the 160GB version.

4. – Guitar Hero III – I want this game so bad and I want to be able to play with a friend. After Christmas I think single guitars will be available for the Wii but now you have to buy the one guitar and the game together, so no two player action on the Wii unless you play a friend across a network. You could also rock out with a special faceplate as well.

3. – Kodak Easyshare EX-1011 10-Inch Digital Picture Frame. This frame has the capability of playing MP3s as well as being wireless so you can upload images of your kids in Fresno and they can download to your parent’s frame in Framingham. No mess no fuss. Fun Fun.

2. – The 2GB Wireless SD card from Eye-Fi – This is one amazing feat of technology. Take your photos and when you enter a wireless network they automatically upload to the web to the photo sharing sites of your choice. Then if you buy this with #3 you don’t have to do a thing to get your images out to your friends and family.

1. – Nintendo Wii – The most sought after game system two years running. If you find it buy it. Even if you don’t want it, chances are a friend of yours has been slogging through the malls to find it. You will make their day.

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