Probably my best photo ever...

In nine short days Eva will be 1 year old. I’m not sure how this will hit me but I will probably be crying as she is plowing her face into her first piece of cake. I can’t believe that this tiny baby has grown to be such an independent little toddler. She is smart and beautiful and everything a father could wish for in a daughter. She’s becoming much more interested in books and likes us to read the same ones over and over. Yesterday when I got home and picked her up from my mom’s house she scooted across the room holding a book. She wanted me to read it to her. That was really cool. So there will be many more book reviews coming. I’m working on a possible Virtual 1st Birthday Party for Eva at her party on the 19th. So you actually have to wait 18 days before you see the Birthday stuff on this blog.

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