A Big Thank You…

This last month and part of this month I went around the internet looking for people who would be willing to help me out on a little project. I was looking for photographs of people holding up signs of hope for a family that is in need of some hope and cheer. I even put together a Spark on Social Spark and two people took up the call. I would like to publicly thank Sybil Amber and Endure for their great posts.

Sybil Amber wrote all about the project as well as the website that I had asked each person to write about. She even sent me one of the photos for the video that I made for the family. Her post titled Hopes for us was very well done and I hope that you take a look at her blog. Sybil lost her parents to cancer many years ago, when she was still young. She says that we are all in need of hope.


Endure’s blog post was titled Hope, The Kind That Endure Digs! was also very well done. He included an awesome shot of himself his girlfriend and a best friend after he had started Endure. Endure was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2006. He is currently clear but he is still try to get the word out to people about health and cancer prevention. Sounds like a good mission.


There are many other bloggers that I would like to thank as well and I will do so in time. Sybil and Endure went above and beyond to get the word out so this is a shout just for them.

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