A Close Up for Yes Video’s Photo A Day Challenge

Photo-A-Day #2836

Today’s Yes Video Photo of the day theme was Close Up. So I was at work as I am every Saturday and Sunday and Friday. I sleep all day and occasionally don’t get to photograph anything till I get to work. Luckily my desk is covered in toys. I have this Hot Wheels Ford Falcon 1973 XB GT 351 V8 Metallic Purple car that I decided would be great for a close up. I used the HTC One X + phone to take the shot. I like that it can take widescreen type shots but sometimes those are tough to put into Instagram.

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2 thoughts on “A Close Up for Yes Video’s Photo A Day Challenge”

  1. You know that is the Mad Max car, before the apocalypse. Here in the USA the equivalent would be the Torino Talladega GT.

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