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Blu Winnings
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Yes, I won something else. I’m working on a specific post that deals with all of my contest winnings but this post is to tell you all that I am going to be tasting some Frog soon. BluFrog in fact. I won a case of BluFrog from Martha Decker and it arrived really late in the day that I dare not try it for fear of staying up way too late. I’m going to try it tomorrow before my meetings so I can stay up through them.

Today I made a decision to get rid of one of my blogs. I took down I’m Not A Famous Blogger. That address is still mine and it points to this blog now (It will soon point to an updated About Me page). That was a blog which was all about being an IZEA Insider. Don’t worry I am certainly still an IZEA Insider and think IZEA is awesome. I realized something, though. If I was blogging about being an Insider on that other blog then I really wasn’t saying much about it on this blog, the blog that people read. It made no sense for you to follow me on Twitter as BenSpark and as INAFB. So I took INAFB down too.

I read a post a while back by Ted Murphy about investing in your personal brand. It made sense to me that if I was investing time into yet another blog and not into BenSpark.com which has become such a personal brand that people know me and address me as Ben rather than Drew. People often apologize for that but to me it just shows that my personal brand is in people’s heads. I’m Not A Famous Blogger is an idea that I had borne out of seeing all these other bloggers who are rolling high. I certainly don’t go rolling high anywhere, I enjoy my simple life, love my family and love to take pictures and blog about them. While I certainly wouldn’t mind living the dot.com lifestyle I know that I just want to be me and I’m Not a Famous Blogger.

What does this mean to the IZEA Insiders I’m Not A Famous Blogger Crew? Well it means that you’re going to get a lot more attention as a member of my crew because this is the blog that gets the attention. I’m going to take some time to showcase the people on my crew in spotlight posts on this blog. So expect an e-mail from me soon.

Consolidation is coming. I have way too many balls in the air right now and in order to pay good attention to all of my blogs some are going to be culled from the herd. I made each blog as an offshoot of my personality but realize that All aspects of that personality should be showcased on this one blog. I’m not in it to make money, although I do make a little, I’m in it because I love blogging.

So, if I have tips and tricks for you for social media sites I’m going to talk about them here and not make you go to one of my lesser known blogs. It looks like The Wired Kayaker is going to become a part of this blog and not a stand alone blog anymore because that is such a seasonal type blog that in the days and months that I am not on the water I just don’t want to write much about kayaking. So when that blog is incorporated into this one I will be tagging those posts with WiredKayaker so that they are in an easily accessible category. That is a much bigger blog than I’m Not A Famous Blogger so it will take some time to assimilate.

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8 thoughts on “A Famous Blogger? No not me…”

  1. Glad to see you got the case of Blu Frog Energy. You made a wise choice in waiting until morning to have a taste. While it won’t give you that huge sugar rush high and low, it will give you lots of energy. I drank one at 9:00 pm the other night and was wide awake and going to town cleaning the house! Got a lot done too. Does make the afternoon and/or morning seem more productive some days. Just about time for me to pop the top on a Blu Frog. VIP – remember not too lick the can man!! BTW I enjoy your twittering.

  2. Martha,
    Thanks for the contest. I am glad I won and can now experience the drink that everyone is talking about. I’m halfway through my 1st can. It is … interesting. Wicked yellow, wow. I shook up the can but the taste is… interesting. Not sure if I like it or not. Jury is still out. However the can sure got noticed. A few people were interested in it.

  3. I can tell you that after your 3rd or 4th drink you will want more! It grows on you. I talked to a few IT people working behind the scenes during the launch a few weeks ago and a couple of them initially were unsure of the taste. By the second day they they were seen always with a can of Blu Frog. A few times they were caught with two open cans in hand! It was really funny.

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