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Last year Eva would go to the Farmer’s Market on Thursdays and use those items to work on dinner for the family. This year she had a week at Johnson and Wales learning all sorts of baking skills and she came home with a bunch of recipes as well as some samples of her work. There were many tasty treats made and she wanted to make a special dinner for everyone in the family to enjoy.

God bless my sister Tara for helping her get everything made. This was a big undertaking for both of them. They made salad with shrimp, picked up Captain Parker’s Clam Chowder with Homemade Cheddar Bacon Biscuits. the main course was some Cod, corn and zucchini and squash. Dessert was the filling for the chocolate cream pie with whipped cream and special Italian Maraschino Cherries. Eva even made little menus and put them on everyone’s plate along with place-cards and more. The fine china was used and even Andrew got a fancy glass for his drinks.

Andrew also made up a couple of songs that he played on the guitar. He definitely has a gentle soul under all those silly little boy shenanigans.

Dinner was really good, Eva and Tara did a nice job. It was a bit chaotic with everyone and the noise and I may have been a bit stressed out. Between dinner and dessert we went for a walk with the kids and my parents while Tara and Shelby cleaned up. A walk is what was needed. The kids got to let off some steam and run around. We also took some nice family photos including this one of the grandparents and grandkids.

Family Photo

Eva was so proud of her hard work and she should be. She was excited about everything and thanked everyone for all their help. She planned it for a week so it was on her mind all the time. I’m glad that everything came out so well and she had a successful dinner.

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