A Fine Spring Day

Photo-A-Day #1823

I took a walk outside today because it was so beautiful. I saw this stark tree set against a beautiful blue sky in the background. I took the settings and made them better for shooting outside in the sun. I set the ISO way down and the speed up so get the shot. The problem was that the tree turned out super dark every time I shot it. So I popped the flash for fill and that was enough to give some detail and depth to the tree.

Shooting out in the bright sun is difficult because being able to balance the light and keep things from being washed out can be a real challenge. It seems counter intuitive for you to add more light to a scene that is already full of light but that is what needs to be done. The harder thing is to be able to view your photo in the field in a sunny day. Looking into that tiny LCD it can be hard to see if you actually did get the shot you were looking for. I need something like the hoodman (aff link). Or I could just figure out some sort of DIY setup. I will look into that further.

Photo Information

Date Taken: Apr 5, 2010
Camera: Nikon Corporation (Aff Link)
Model: NIKON D80 (My Flickr)
ISO: 100
Exposure: 1/200 sec
Aperture: 6.3
Focal Length: 18mm
Flash Used: Yes

I’m working on my latest post for BloggingTips.com. Because of that I changed my favicon, my icon on the iphone and my RSS feed icon. I also added a few more icons but am not sure if they will work or how to work them. I’ll figure it out before the post goes up tonight.

So, I saw someone at work using an iPad. I want one now. I didn’t before but I really do want one. I think it would be a fantastic product to add to our lives. Allison gets many recipes online and having an iPad dock in the kitchen would be perfect for reading all the recipes and when she doesn’t need the recipe she can listen to music, or watch movies. There is so much that can be done. For me this can be used for my photography. There is an adapter that can read SD cards so I could take photos at an event and upload them directly to an iPad and display them for people to watch and interact with. I’m shooting my cousin’s wedding in June and having a couple iPads around could allow people to view the photos shortly after they are taken. How amazing would that be?

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8 thoughts on “A Fine Spring Day”

  1. Judging by the shadow from the tree you were actually shooting almost into the sun . You would need a REALLY BIG pop-up flash . What you can try is get an exposure reading from a grey card or something close to it ( bring a light grey sweatshirt with you) put it in the sun see what the exposure is and shoot for that exposure no matter what your camera tells you by the tree. Go up or down with the aperture to lighten or darken the tree. Thank you Ansel Adams for the Zone System.

    1. Lenny,
      Great advice. It is beyond my expertise at the moment, I just go and shoot what I like, I guess if I start putting in this sort of effort then I will really improve. Hmm, maybe I should do that.

    1. Thanks Andy,

      I am going to write more on this. I want to write more about my process each day.

      I think that after Lenny’s comment we should do a photowalk sometime together. Lenny has some real world photography knowledge that we could learn lots from;.

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