A first ever for Guy’s Night

We didn’t order boneless buffalo wings and fries or play Golden Tee. I know that this goes against everything that guy’s night stands for but it is true. It was Neil, Derek and I at guys night last night at the Funway Cafe and we broadened our culinary horizons with Burgers (Neil got one with Swiss Cheese and Bacon and Derek who ‘wasn’t fussy’ got the works on his, the works at the Funway includes jalepenos and a multitude of other toppings.) I got a steak and cheese. The service last night was terrible and I was tempted to convince the guys to take the five back from the tip and use it for video games. But despite there being very few people there our waitress, who didn’t acknowledge our table for a good 40 minutes and then came back sporadically and didn’t believe that my Pepsi tasted like club soda, deserved a tip because she was busy, doing what I don’t know.

After our meal we each played some video games, I took on a few of the shooter games, despite being the least thrilled about the prospect of guns. And I am a decent video game shot. Neil and I were supposed to play the game below but the machine ate one of our tokens and made it only a one player game. But then while we were standing around, after Neil gave the worst mission performance ever, I noticed that you could hit the continue button and try other missions. I made it through the next 5 missions while Derek pointed out that I was a crack shot despite the aversion to guns. What can I say, all those years of Duck Hunt groomed me well for a little useless talent. Neil and Derek played air hockey and I believe that it was a blowout with Neil cleaning up. Then Neil and Derek played a racing game which Neil won, I myself would have not been able to get into the top 10 in the race because I tend to drive very erratically in a video game where I am ‘Mr 10 and 2’ (as Allison and my sisters have dubbed me) on the road. Here are some pictures from guy’s night.

Neil makes it to victory lane.

I think we know their feelings on this game. I on the other hand played quite well to Derek’s disbelief.

We did agree that it was time to go do something soon witht he wives. So hopefully the Blue Dog Sports Bar and Grille opens we go and do a night as a group.

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