A New Year is Upon us….

The year 2006 is here. Where did 2005 go? Many things have happened in 2005. We lost some of our loved ones, Great-Uncle Richard and Frances Dusablon. We lost some cherished pets, Moxie, Fraiser, Lola and Daisy. Many good things happened as well. First of all we got married in late 2005. We had our first real vacation alone together in Aruba for our honeymoon. Allison’s brother got married. We spent a nice time in Disney last January. We got to spend some time at the Cape, in New Hampshire and we worked on making our home in North Attleboro better. I completed 267 photos in a row starting on my 31st birthday on April 9. We’ve met many new people online and in Real Life. We discovered web comics and now are experiencing the joys of some great artists and their work. We went to many concerts with our favorite folk singers. We saw many good movies. We planned and had the best party of our lives, our reception. 2005 was a good year.

What is ahead for 2006. Well, you can look forward to Photo-A-Day to continue to April 9, 2006 at least. I will most likely continue past that date because I love what the project has done. A year in pictures is a great way to look back over our life.

Speaking of Photo-A-Day, I have made a few changes that are happening behind the scenes but may make a few things funny for a while (At least if you look back over the archives on this blog.) First of all, I took all 267 pictures from 2005 and put them into a Photo-A-Day 2005 folder. That means that I got rid of all the individual month by month photos. I did this because I would like to have all of 2006 in one gallery and figured that I would keep each year in its own gallery. This caused some strange occurrence. For example, if you go back through the archives to May 2005 you will see many broken links for pictures, at least for the time being. I need to reconnect the links to the pictures.

Photo-A-Day 2006 photos will be uploaded to Buzznet in the Photo-A-Day 2006 gallery, then they will be blogged to my MySpace blog. From there I will cut and paste the Photo-A-Day 2006 photo to the Benspark. So if you have a myspace account you can subscribe to the MySpace Photo-A-Day blog without having to go to this blog. I will also make use of Flickr from time to time. I will continue to look for other Photo-A-Day folks. If you start your own Photo-A-Day challenge let me know and I will like to you.

Speaking of MySpace. I have many MySpace friends who are folk artists. So if you would like to hear some great folk music check out my musical friends on MySpace.

The Trivia Game will continue into the New Year. I am looking for some other thing to draw folks here on a daily basis. Any ideas folks?

Speaking of the Trivia Game here are the winners for December 2005

70 players played during the month.

1. abennett48 (413 points, 2 wins)
2. ArubaHM (334 points, 4 wins)
3. Oops! (300 points, 1 wins)
4. pinkpiratepants (281 points, 2 wins)
5. Jim (275 points, 4 wins)
6. Mo (261 points, 0 wins)
7. Hoba (251 points, 3 wins)
8. somebeach (246 points, 2 wins)
9. Chappy (235 points, 2 wins)
10. prrthd (235 points, 1 wins)

So 2005 was good 2006 looks to be even better. Be sure to some back and feel free to leave comments here, on Buzznet, on Flicker or on MySpace.

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