A Salty Piece of parking lot…

Yesterday Allison and I, along with her father Dan, went to Great Woods to see Jimmy Buffett. I know it is now called the Tweeter center but once a year when Jimmy comes back it is Great Woods again. This year was a lot more sedate for us than past years. We packed light, super light. Had two chairs, a cooler, 24 Coronas, three subs from D’Angelo and a bag of pretzels from the Road Trip on Sunday. We packed light. We had so much extra space that we gave some of it to our neighbors so they could cook on it. We must have watched about 50 people almost burn themselves on those two grills. They were low to the ground and no one is looking down in the parking lot. There is just too much to see.

One of the things that people were coming to see was the Bachelorette party that was right next to us. There was the Bride-to-be all decked out in a wedding dress and sash that said, “Bride-To-Be” They had an inflate a date guy, a giant inflatable penis that they had people take pictures next to and sign. They even brought out the penis shaped cookies later on. I was asked by them to take their picture at that time.

On the other side of us was a walkway and then the people who put their grills on our Salty Piece of parking lot. There was a guy with them with a guitar and amp and a whole rig to set up and perform songs. He was very entertaining and knew alot of songs.

We took a walk over to the buses and it was pretty dead. There were the usual schemes to get the ladies out of their tops, like the Boob-o-meter and whatnot. When we went by it was empty. The police on bikes were also out and about and they politely put a stop to that. The lines for the port-a-potties were very long and even though I could have gone to the woods, I didn’t because the police were out and if they catch you peeing in the woods and arrested you can be charged as a sexual offender. Not exactly something I’d like to get slapped with for free range urinating.

About 6:00 we headed over to the entrance to line up and wait to get in for the 7:00 door opening. Allison got herself a nice long sleeve t-shirt. I was going to get a shirt but wasn’t thrilled with shelling out $33.00 for a t-shirt when none of the designs really caught my eye.

At 7:00 we made a mad dash for the restrooms and then up to the lawn. We got our usual seats right by the fence at the first set of stairs on the left side of the lawn (if you are looking out from the stage to the lawn.) We set up camp, which was basically us sitting down, and then Dan got us some snacks.

Here was the set list for the night.

Set 1:

01 Star Spangled Banner
02 Piece Of Work
03 Stars On The Water
04 Hey Good Lookin
05 Holiday
06 Changes In Latitudes, Changes In Attitudes
07 Come Monday
08 Diamond As Big As The Ritz
09 Woman Goin Crazy On Caroline Street
10 License To Chill
11 The Horizon Has Been Defeated
12 Ragtop Day
13 Cheeseburger In Paradise
14 Volcano
15 Brown Eyed Girl


Set 2:

Carson Tribute/WDWGDaS
16 La Vie Dansante
17 Lighthouse
18 A Pirate Looks At Forty
19 Tripping Billies
20 School Boy Heart
21 Trip Around The Sun
22 Last Mango In Paris
23 Five O’Clock Somewhere
24 One Particular Harbour
25 Margaritaville

First Encore:
26 Fins
Band Intros
27 Southern Cross

I was very happy that Jimmy ended with Southern Cross. It is my favorite song that he does. I really enjoy hearing that live.

After the concert we hit the bathrooms again and Dan and I witnessed some beer muscles gone horribly wrong. Some twenty-something year old kid was beating up on a middle aged guy and the fight got pretty heated, then the middle aged guy was knocked down and people rushed the twenty-something year old and got him off the guy. The kid was still throwing punches when he came by us. It all happened so quickly I never saw the middle aged guy get back up off the ground. That wasn’t a very fun moment. Luckily Allison was in the ladies room and missed the whole thing, if she came out any earlier she would have probably walked right into the middle of it.

We actually got out of the show quickly and made our way home. I was able to post the Photo-A-Day before bed too.

Here are some photos from the concert.

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