A Sunflower Grows in North Attleboro

A Sunflower Grows in North Attleboro
Photo-A-Day #1573

My Dad came home from the Cape today and he cleaned up the sidewalk except for this sunflower, my sister wouldn’t let him remove it. We were talking and I was trying to find something to photograph today so I could get inside and complete the video for my review of the LED Lenser P7. I think the review and the the video came out really nice. I hope the sponsor is impressed. I liked the product a lot and will be taking it on all future hikes.

Back to my Dad and the house and all that. Our house is a set of condos and my brother-in-law Erik, my sister Tara, My Dad and I are all taking turns in helping to maintain the lawn. Erik did the lawn for the 1st part of the summer, I have the second part as he is off to New Jersey for the next 6 months. That is going to be very strange for everyone. Luckily he can come back up on weekends or Tara can go down there to visit. The move is a very good thing for him and we are very proud of his accomplishments. The guy works so ever-loving hard too.

Okay, back to the house and the lawn. Well, my Dad is the one who cleans up the sidewalks and near the fence every year (don’t rip out the blackberry bush I want to try some of those oil seepage runoff blackberries, I bet they are full of nutrients one should not ingest. I might get superpowers, or something horrible. So it is a gamble. They looks so good though.)

Dad is also the one who does all the trimming of the bushes. The lawnmower is about the only power tool that Erik or I are trusted to use. That is better for everyone for now.

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4 thoughts on “A Sunflower Grows in North Attleboro”

  1. Some people think sunflowers are weeds, but I like them around too. Kudos for keeping that one!

  2. Thanks Jamie,
    I don’t know many people who think they are weeds, I love them, they are so fun to photograph. Especially when wet.

  3. I guess that lone sun flower doesn’t look all that bad there. The picture came out pretty good without the flash.

  4. Thanks Dad,
    Don’t blow the picture up too much because it has a little camera shake to it, but in all it came out pretty nice in the late evening with no flash, from the hip.

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