A Surprise Trip to Great Wolf Lodge

Surprise trip to Great Wolf Lodge
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Back in March I made reservations for Great Wolf Lodge… for Halloween. Plans changed and we had to switch up the trip to a later date. Since we didn’t want to take the kids out of school too long we choose MLK Weekend to visit Great Wolf New England. For the past week we have been secretly getting things in place to surprise the kids. I found their wands for MagiQuest (One of their favorite activities) and also their Clubhouse Crew stuffed animals. Andrew has Oliver the Raccoon and Eva has Violet the Wolf. I found Andrew’s and stowed that away easily without him seeing or finding out. Eva was more difficult. I checked her stuffed animal boxes and couldn’t find Violet. I finally had to ask her for it because I had no clue. She got suspicious so I asked her for her Minnie Mouse as well and said I had to take photos for a blog post.

so , this morning I get home and switch all the bags into the car and I cover it with a blanket. I was home an hour early and they asked me about that. I said it was because I was going to go to Church in the same car with them. They weren’t having it at all. They were so onto us. They did not know where we were going but Great Wolf Lodge was bandied about as a destination. We tried to throw them off the scent but they were very perceptive. I don’t think we can surprise these kids that much anymore.

We stopped and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel and then headed up to Fitchburg to go to the Lodge. This was not a sponsored trip or anything like that. The PR department at the lodge didn’t contact me back at all in all my attempts. I had everything booked ahead of time and was able to check us in so we sailed through the check in process. The kids used their money to buy Paw Passes which let them do a number of fun things during our stay including MagiQuest. That was the first thing we did when we arrived because we weren’t sure if we could go into the water park that early.

We played MagiQuest for about and hour and then changed and went to the water parks. We got a text later on that told us the room was ready and so I told Allison the number and then I went and unloaded the car and brought everything up.

We changed and then headed out to pick up Allison’s grandma Eva. We took her to Grandma Jackie’s house and had pizza and salad for dinner. It was a nice visit. Then we took Eva home and went back to the Lodge to get some rest for tomorrow’s adventures.

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