A Thrilling Time is in Your Immediate Future

A Thrilling Time is in Your Immediate Future

The thing about the internet is that it is so immediate. If you aren’t an early adopter to every cool thing that comes along you can get shut out and then have to swim against the tide to get back to square one. Take for example Twitter. I’ve been on Twitter for a couple of years now and I’m seeing an explosion of references to Twitter everywhere. I swear that the entertainment industry has these big private meetings where they decide that something is hip, coll and in. Then they take that thing and they plug the hell out of it. You have twitter being used for TV shows, actors and actresses and any number of other media outlets. Ellen (@Theellenshow) was talking about it with Diddy (@iamdiddy). Now everyone is talking about it.

Enjoy the Ride or Get Taken for One

I’ve seen people jump right in and embrace the technology like Greg Grunberg (Twitter @greggrunberg). Greg is a phenomenal Twitterer. He tweets from the mundane to the important. His organization talkaboutit.org is about epilepsy and Greg is out talking about the organization with everyone. He even did a couple of GeekBrief.tv episodes wit Cali Lewis (@calilewis) about it as well. Then you see a company like Skittles try and get into twitter and make such a convoluted mess of it. If you are going to get into twitter be a good twitter user. Don’t bug everyone, don’t use auto dm responders and just join the conversation.

I’m @benspark On Twitter

One of those things that I need to add to this blog is the easy access for people to follow me on Twitter. Ted Murphy (@tedmurphy) is a great one for promoting himself on Twitter. He even created shirts that tell people his twitter name and to follow him. I should have probably put @benspark on the back of my hats when I had them made. Maybe the next batch. As for something Thrilling, just being part of something that is getting so much exposure and knowing that you understand that thing is pretty thrilling.

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