Ack! Where be that baby?

Photo-A-Day #2415

I’m here at work with gutsy Smurf. I got this guy at the Time to Play Holiday showcase. Gutsy was made for the Smurfs movie and I thought he was a pretty fun and likeable character. He certainly was there for comic relief. Anyway, I was going through all the toys that I’ve gotten from time to Play as well as from reviews and sponsors and gathering the things that are going to stay with us, gifts for Eva, things for reviews, fun stuff for work and stuff to donate when I found Gutsy again. I brought him to work. He makes a fine addition to my desk of toys and clutter.

Baby Watch 2011 continues on. But working tonight means that I get next Friday off for sure. If this continues all weekend then Thanksgiving weekend will be my paternity weekend so that is good.

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