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When Halloween rolls around we barely put up decorations. We do the pumpkin carving and that is about it. Putting up decorations is time consuming and I’d like to do something more but it has to be quick and easy. Halloween lighting decor is easier and spookier than ever with the new WindowFX Plus Projector exclusively from The Home Depot.
I received a Window FX Plus Projector for free to test out in my home and tell you about how it works. Here is what I thought.

It was very easy to set up. I just placed the included double sided sticky panels around my window. Then I unfolded the included 4 x 6 screen to cover the whole window vertically. Then I set up the projector on the included tripod vertically as well. The projector can be mounted on a tripod with both a vertical and horizontal orientation. I then chose from the different Halloween themed videos until I found the one I wanted and I set it to project. Increasing the size and fixing the focus on the scene was next. The steps were quite easy. The one complaint that I did have was that the power cord wasn’t quite long enough. I had to grab an extension cord in order to power the unit. That aside, everything else worked great.

there are other features to the 4 x 6 WindowFX Plus Projector including an HDMI port so that you can project your own content through the projector. It is also bluetooth enabled and that means that we can add a bluetooth speaker to make it even spookier this Halloween. I have some small portable speakers and I can easily hide them outside so that the sounds of Halloween are able to be heard easily by passers by.

The Home Depot WindowFX Projector

What do the images look like? They look great. They can be shown both horizontally and vertically. We don’t have a large horizontal window in front of the house so we can’t use that orientation. However, we have a bunch of large vertical windows. I’d love to have a couple of these units so that there is something showing in each of the 3 windows of the dining room.

The WindowFX Plus Projector also has pre-loaded images for other holidays. There are Christmas, and New Years included. The device also has a USB port so if there are other scenes that are created those can also be shown.

The Home Depot WindowFX Projector USB HDMI

We can also forgo the decorating aspect of this projector all together and connect a laptop or Blu-ray player, to the projector to see movies or TV shows or even video games. There are a lot of uses for the WindowFX Plus Projector and it is really reasonable at $89.00 especially because of all those different uses.

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