Ah yes today I will be heading up to Maine to go White Water Rafting tomorrow. We leave from lunch. Oh yeah, I won lunch for 15 people at Vinny T’s in Dedham. So some of my co-workers are coming as well as Allison and my Dad, plus Bob and Rob whom Dad and I will be rafting with. I took a look at some of the rafting pictures from previous trips this month. Okay, I didn’t see many trips where the raft made it down the river without totally flipping over. So I think we may end up getting very very wet and may see some river time. I am very excited about our accommodations, The Yurts, they sound like just so much fun. Ton’s of pictures will be taken this weekend. There is also a nightly bonfire at the camp and a bunch of things to do. So I am very excited about the weekend.

In other news around the homefront, Uncle Richard is now at New England Sinai Hospital & Rehab Center, in Stoughton MA. Last night my Dad stopped to visit him on the way back from the Cape. When he got there Uncle Richard wasn’t looking too well. He was turning a bright pink and having a terrible time breathing. So my Dad called my Mom who called me and Mom, Allison and I went to go see him. When we got there Uncle Richard was having some coughing fits, he had been put on a few antibiotics as well as some medication to help with the breathing. The Doctor was excellent at explaining everything that they were doing and everything that was going on. By the time we left we were able to talk with Uncle Richard a bit, he was even joking with us too. He said, “Sorry I can’t talk too much.” I joked with him, “Don’t worry you don’t need to entertain us.” He smiled. He’s keeping his spirits up and continuing to fight to get better. Please keep those prayers coming.

Oh and a Marlin is different from a Swordfish. I just learned that. (My supervisor’s husband caught a 220lb Marlin on their honeymoon. Allison and I debated about the swordfish and marlin being the same fish, but they are not. Guess who was wrong about it, yep, me.)

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8 Responses to “Adventure, Excitement….”

  1. Leisee says:

    What about a flying fish? Are they the same as either a swordfish or a marlin??

  2. Drew says:

    No they are not. I’m sure the link can tell you what species they are part of.

  3. Leisee says:

    The link is not working for me.:-( What about Sail Fish….is that what they call them. I know they have another name for one of them. Although I don’t know the difference between a Swordfish and a Marlin.

  4. Drew says:

    I can check on a sailfish, a flying fish is so not even close. I thought you were messing with me.

  5. Drew says:

    Yes a Sailfish is similar to a Marlin.


  6. Leisee says:

    I knew they were calling them something different in Key West. Although I did not actually get to see one as I was stuck in a horizontal position on the floor of the boat. 🙁

  7. wally says:

    Just found your post and yep marlin are different to swordfish also different to sailfish. One thing you were correct though they all have bills.

  8. Drew says:

    Thanks Wally.

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