All Shined Up

Photo-A-Day #1820

When I got home tonight I saw that my Dad had his motorcycle out and it was all shined up and ready to ride. He took it for a ride today and yesterday. I noticed how shiny it was and how the engine looked. I was drawn to the metal and curves. There is nothing like a Harley-Davidson engine. These bikes are beautiful.

I received some really great feedback about what I could do to enhance this blog about what I do to make my photos. Kevin Metzger of My Spelling Sucks suggested that I talk more about why I take the photos I take as well as what settings I used to take the photo. I chose the engine because the look of the engine really drew me in. I love shiny and chrome. I love the look of cars and metal and chrome, the lines the curves the detail. That is what drew me to this particular photo. I used to have a Motorcycle, in fact my first ever Photo-A-Day on April 9, 2005 was of my Motorcycle. It was a Hyosung AlphaSports GV-250. I really loved that bike but didn’t ride enough to justify keeping it.

Photo Information

Date Taken: Apr 2, 2010
Camera: Nikon Corporation (Aff Link)
Model: NIKON D80 (My Flickr)
ISO: 1250
Exposure: 1/15 sec
Aperture: 20.0
Focal Length: 116mm
Flash Used: No

I’ve been a busy guy lately. Some major phone calls with some fun and interesting people. Some major overhauls on some of my client’s blogs and I am continuing to find inroads for my pursuit of Nikon sponsorship. You can see a really awesome blog redesign over at Ed Gerety’s Dream Big Blog. I have to change the header one more time but otherwise it is ready to go. Ed just started to offer his free DreamBoard ebook. Ed is one of those really motivating people who knows how to inspire people. I read through a bunch of news articles featuring Ed and his sessions at Colleges, High Schools and Middle Schools. I had tears rolling down my face this morning as I read. Ed has an amazing message about bullying prevention and he’s one top expert when it comes to that field. If ever there was a time we needed that it is now. Every day there is something about bullying in schools on the news.

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5 thoughts on “All Shined Up”

  1. I agree! There’s nothing like the rumble of that Harley engine when your crusin down the road.

    1. Dad,
      I wouldn’t know because the only time I rode a Harley, I dropped it on the 1st turn and my bike was so quiet you never even heard it. But I can appreciate the sound of you bike’s engine.

    1. Bella,
      I’ve ridden one and they are nice. I may see if I can ride again. Maybe Dad will let me ride. I haven’t asked.

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