Amalgam of LEGO Racers

Photo-A-Day #2463

I went to Walmart earlier this week and saw a few LEGO Racers on clearance for $2.70 each. I picked up four of them and the sets actually work together to build bigger racers. This is two sets combined and it is sitting on top of Andrew’s LEGO box. Sure, he’s too young for LEGO but Eva and I will play with them till he’s old enough.

Allison and I are pretty much caught up on our DVR. We have some episodes of Sanctuary left to watch but I think that is out of us enjoying season one, I’m still hoping this show gets better. It is the one show that I am actually getting confused with, but I think that is because we missed an episode or something. Either way I’m a bit confused and I pretty much never get confused by TV shows even with intricate plots and a large cast of characters.

Speaking of a show with a large cast of characters. Allison and I just got hooked into Once Upon A Time. We consumed that show in one week’s time and are up to date and knee deep into the mythos of that show. Wow, I am really impressed with the show and how it is taking Fairy Tales and twisting them on their head. Our good friend Auntie Mo turned us on to the show. When the new Fall season started there were two Fairy Tale shows that came out. We sided with Grimm about a cop who is also a Grimm, a descendant of the brother’s Grimm. He solves crimes but can also see the true nature of all the fairy tale monsters. We like the show but I think that Once Upon a Time has a much better story and pulls you in. Grimm is more of a cop procedural that you can watch and miss something and watch again and still be okay with what is going on.

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