I’ve been watching Hulu to catch up on the shows that I missed while on vacation. I just caught Burn Notice and Eureka, I’ll be writing some reviews on those shows tomorrow. I also watched a behind the scenes clip for Burn Notice that I found very cool. Not only because it talks about a stunt sequence but to film it the crew was using the Can-Am Spyder. Check it out.

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  1. […] Overall I loved this movie and cannot wait to see it again. If you just focus on the cool action and explosions the it is amazing. If you are interested in plot you will want to throw yourself on a grenade. Your head will get scrambled on the weak plot and script. The movie boils down to cool robots blowing up tons of stuff, hot girls looking hot and Shia using his amazing ability for fast paced dialogue and lots of cool military stuff. I loved that the NEST team used Can-Am Spyders. […]

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