Amazon Unbox. is stepping into the video download fray with Amazon Unbox. They are selling episodes of TV shows for $1.99 each to download. It is called Unbox because you are not buying the complete season in a boxed set. You can pick and choose your favorite episodes. They have TV shows like Arrested Development, Prison Break and Bones. The videos are available for download to many media players. Not an iPod but many of the Creative Labs products like the Creative Zen Vision:M 30 GB MP3 and Video Player. Amazon is running a special right now on Amazon Unbox. If you buy a TV show on DVD you get a free download of an Unbox TV show. Here is the special.

Buy a DVD, get a free TV show download ($1.99 instant rebate)

What does this DVD + download deal mean for you? It means that you can buy DVDs of shows including Prison Break, CSI, Numb3rs and CSI: Miami. And, you can download current episodes just after they’re broadcast — and before they come out on DVD!

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